Opening up about my Autism & Dyslexia: SavanFilms

Hi Everyone! 🙂

On the 9th January 2017 I released a vlog opening up about my Autism and Dyslexia:

The feedback as of today (15th January 2017) have been very positive and overwhelming. I hope to do more Autism related vlogs more with the occasional Dyslexic vlog.

See you soon!



Learning New Martial Art Skills: SavanFilms

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Last month I visited the  Wutian Martial Art Institute in Russell Square, London. This was a taster lesson in Street Defence Martial Arts. I had a lot of fun and I am tempted to visit again.

I found the lesson through Funzing UK and a huge thanks to Jai Chan and her amazing team for letting me film! 😀

I also found out that they also have lessons in Covent Garden and Stratford (London).

Here is my vlog:

Hope you all enjoyed watching the vlog and feel free to like and comment below!

See you all soon!



(Updated 3rd January 2017).

2016 in Review: SavanFilms

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Hope all is well with you all and here are my two videos summing up 2016 and goals for 2017.

2016 Compilation Trailer

Goals for 2017

Thank you for all the support so far and wishing you all a happy new year! 😀

See you all in the new year!




My First Ever Comedy Sketch Script

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I wrote my first ever comedy sketch script for YouTuber TomSka as he asked his fans to write a one page featuring himself, Eddie and Elliot. He asked this last month (November 2016).

Comedy Sketch: Cereal Problems 

By Savan Gandecha

INTRO: Eddie and Tom are both sitting down on the sofa staring at two empty bowls with spoons and milk on the table. Eddie reaches out for the cereal box in front of him. Tom also reaches out for the same box. Eddie grabs it and sees that it’s empty…

Puzzled by this…Eddie then asks Tom:

EDDIE: So, can you explain why this box of cereal is empty?

TOM: I dunno why it’s empty, I only got this yesterday.

EDDIE: How many times have I told you not to eat it straight away?

TOM: Sorry, it was so tempting to get these Mine Turtles

*Pans to Mine Turtles and Tom pressing Mine Turtle (sound comes out of the toy) *

Eddie looks in disbelief and shakes his head and sighs.

EDDIE: But also eating the whole box too?!

TOM: Yeah, it’s so delicious and I love these Mine Turtles *pans again to Mine Turtles*

EDDIE: Never mind, how are you going to explain to Elliot again why his favourite cereal is gone?

TOM: We could say that it was a time traveller who discovered that they discontinued this particular cereal and can only find them in this very place in the whole world.

EDDIE: What without taking the box too?

Tom throws box in bin and jumps into bin to crush it.

EDDIE: Oh that’ll work lovely Tom!

Elliot then walks into the office with new boxes of cereal.

ELLIOT: Hey guys, got some new boxes of cereal…

Elliot looks at both Tom, Eddie, then the mine turtles.

ELLIOT: So that pesky time traveller has come again has he?

BOTH TOM & EDDIE: Yeah, boy that pesky time traveller has outwitted us again!


I doubt it’ll be picked still because he had over 500 scripts sent in 24 hours and he has already filmed two of three. I don’t know yet if he will film others. But will post a new blog post if he does.

I will re-film this script with some changes to it and hope to film sometime in 2017. Hopefully in January but we will see.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this script.

Take care guys!



SavanFilms: New YouTube Collab Series

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I have a new YouTube Collab Series called SavSmoothie Talks.

This is going to be the main series collaboration where fellow YouTubers or friends/family make smoothies. There will be a challenge set by myself to create a smoothie depending on the episode’s chosen topic and to a budget. Then both the guest and I sit down and talk about that topic whilst drinking the smoothie.

Here is the document for those who want to read more.

See you all soon!



(Updated 6th January 2017)

Important Update Regarding Personal Channel Ft. SavanFilms

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is an important update regarding my personal channel:

Please do subscribe to SavanFilms from now on.

Thank you 😀



Looking for a Freelancer?

If you are looking for someone to edit videos, create online content (that has been filmed) or even someone to help with your social media feel free to contact me. Even if it’s part-time, a paid internship or a temporary full-time role, please state that when contacting me.

Also if you are a YouTuber and need help editing or someone to help with your social media, I’m more than happy to work with you and help you grow too. Please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss further what your needs are.

Please do use the Contact Form on my website to message me.

Thank you.

(Updated December 2016)