10 Good Reasons to do a Sandwich Placement Year (Blog)

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the long delay of posting this blog post, just started my final year at the University of Hertfordshire.

This blog is about the experiences of my friends and I had at our Sandwich Year Placements during the last academic year 2010-11. We all had our ups and downs but it’s part of the experience and working life before we actually graduate in 2012.

A video blog will be shown to Students in their second year of their degree courses in either Environmental Management or Geography. It will also be up on our Study portal called Studynet and on YouTube. This is not only to encourage students from the department and the University of Hertfordshire but across the United Kingdom and possibly across the globe.

Below is the best top ten reasons for doing a Sandwich Year Placement and was drawn from our experiences:

  1. Building New Skills
  2. Building Experience
  3. Routine and appreciation of a structured environment
  4. An eye-opening experience of working life in a worldwide organisation.
  5. Working in a friendly environment and meeting people who aid your personal development
  6. Opens opportunities you never knew were available to you and looks amazing on your CV
  7. Helps build up your confidence
  8. Building up new contacts
  9. University Staff are very supportive during your Sandwich Placement Year
  10. Every day of your placement is never the same and it doesn’t have to be in an office all the time.

The video blog will not only include the reasons above but a slide show selection of our Sandwich Year Placement Photos (see below):



Any feedback is more than welcome.


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