New Stuff on the Radio and February’s & March’s Video Blogs

Hi everyone!

In late January I had my first big interview with Comedian Gareth Richards (Russell Howard’s Good News and Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and also was very lucky to have an interview with Irish Comedian Jarlath Regan at the University’s Student Pub (Ele House) on Comedy Night.

In regards to my video blogs, at the end of this month I will be putting up a vlog (a.k.a video blog) update on my progress so far. In March I will be putting a vlog about current environmental issues and a wildlife photography slideshow too. I will also update my Radio Show Videos and Podcasts Blog till May 2012.

Here’s the new stuff:

Interview with Gareth Richards:

Interview with Jarlath Regan:

Thanks and hope you enjoy them 🙂



Update (28/02/2012): Vlog for February will be uploaded this Saturday.

Update 2 (June 2013): No more Jingle. I am now volunteering for Radio Northwick Park.


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