Update of all sorts Blog

Hi everyone! 🙂

You may have noticed the lack of posts over the past month and quite a few people have been waiting for the weekly vlogs and Best of Show Podcast. The reason why I’ve haven’t got round to it is due to being really busy since Graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with other commitments.

Over the next week there won’t be anything coming up but I will be working on a few more Vlogs and these will start the Weekly Vlog section again. It is not easy planning every week a Vlog so I’m going to do a bulk of them and release them from now on.

The new set of Weekly Vlogs will be released from the 8th July 2012 onwards. They won’t be exactly a week apart, it depends on how busy I am with other things. A bit of warning though, they may be utterly random in topic or a set order.

The Best of Show Podcast will be hopefully released during in the week starting the 9th July 2012. I will hopefully also be releasing some Photo Blogs too 🙂

This blog page will be updated whenever I have time to do so. I also hope to be doing Radio as a big side thing from either August or September 2012. Will update in future blogs what’s happening.

You may have also noticed the changes in previous blogs and vlogs, this will most probably continue until I have a much clearer idea of what to do as it’s been over year since starting  my own blogging.

Hope to see you in July and thanks for the support so far! 🙂




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