Florida Vlog Part 1: Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone! 🙂

This is the start of the Florida Vlogs and the next one due out is the Disney Animal Kingdom Vlog and accompanying Blog post.

This trip to Florida was from the 18th July till the 27th July 2012. Also it was the third time the family and I visited the U.S. State. The first time was when I was 7 (1997), the second time was when I was 14 (2004) and now eight years on (aged 22).

Each trip was different and the first time round it was awesome. The second time was very enjoyable as I was able to go on all the roller-coasters but we did experience a Hurricane. This was Hurricane Charlie and it was pretty scary being our first time experiencing one. Fortunately for us when we visited in July, there were just some Tropical Storms but otherwise very hot!

On this holiday, we visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom (over two days). We also visited Universal Islands of Adventure and Orlando’s very own Universal Studios (also over two days (with a day’s rest in-between)). Finally resting in St. Petersburg near Clearwater, Tampa.

Now the first Vlog is an edited clip of the famous “Wishes” Firework Display at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. No matter how long the video is I still feel that it gives you the reader a taste of what it was like to be there. One thing I can tell you, if you have the time to go to Walt Disney World Orlando, you must visit the Magic Kingdom (even if you are a grown-up!)

Here is the Vlog (gone due to video issues with sound)


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See you on the Animal Kingdom Blog Post! 🙂




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