Florida Vlog Part 5: St. Petersburg (Near Clearwater), Tampa

Hey everyone! 🙂

So this is the final Blog and Vlog Post from the Florida Series and this was taken in St. Petersburg (near Clearwater), Tampa, Florida. Hope you have enjoyed the other four parts and shared it with your friends and family.
With this Vlog I filmed it in different parts and it is more or less a tour of certain parts of the city; mainly walking distance from where I was staying. The film shows a botanical garden called “Sunken Gardens” and a walk around Beach Drive where my hotel was located.

Sunken Gardens has been one of the Landmarks of St. Petersburg since 1935. Their mission statement is “To preserve and enhance Historic Sunken Gardens and to provide enjoyment and unique opportunities for the study of a tropical forest through diverse educational and cultural experiences.” The site is 4 acres in size (larger than Camley Street Natural Park!) and is an awesome place to visit with friends and family. Their website (found here) tells you more about the place in detail.

Here is the Vlog:

Hope you enjoyed watching the Vlog 🙂  Also look out on my Flickr page for the photos of the Wildlife taken whilst I was on holiday in Florida. Look out for my tweets for when they are released (hopefully 6th September 2012, UK time).  On the 26th August 2012 my cousins, brothers and I went to Thorpe Park for a day and I managed to film something really good for next week’s Vlog (which should be released on the 10th September 2012). For my readers outside the UK, Thorpe Park is one of the largest Theme Parks in the UK.

I’ll be also planning to do a Vlog and Blog Post about Doctor Who’s latest series which recently aired on the 1st September 2012. This will be filmed about episode 1 and 2 which are “Asylum of the Daleks” and “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.” This will be also released next week too and then I will explain what’s happening in future Vlogs and blog posts.



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