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First, an Apology

I know I mentioned in the previous Vlog and it’s accompanying blog post that I will put up a Vlog review today about the Mid Series/Season Finale of Doctor Who Series 7. I accidentally deleted the video that I was going to use for editing the Vlog. This also included the accidental deleting of the photos I took yesterday in Central London on my camera. Thankfully there was a back up on my laptop for those photos taken yesterday, however the same cannot be said for the video I filmed.

I had thought of re-filming the video again but by the time I got to sit down (around 9ish) it would have been too late to edit and release it before the day ends. I am really sorry for those people looking forward to watching the video today. I hope I make up for it by reviewing the episode on here instead.

So here we go!


Hi Everyone! 🙂

Saturday the 29th September 2012 saw the Mid Series/Season Finale of Doctor Who Series 7 and the sad departure of two very loved companions of the Doctor. If you haven’t seen the episode then please do not read any further as it does contain “Spoilers.” If you haven’t seen my other reviews of the series then here they are:

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Episode 5 was called “The Angels Take Manhattan” and was set both in New York, USA in 1938 and 2012. Here is a a brief summary of the beginning of the episode:

“The Doctor, Amy, and Rory enjoy a picnic in Central Park in present-day New York City. The Doctor is reading a 1930s detective novel while Rory leaves them to go for coffee. To the Doctor’s and Amy’s surprise Rory turns up in the plot of the novel as the Doctor reads on. The Doctor and Amy continue to read in concurrence with events in the past, as Rory is joined by the book’s narrator, who turns out to be River Song. They are both abducted by Grayle’s henchmen. River tells Rory that New York is subjected to unusual time distortions which would prevent the TARDIS from landing in this time period. The Doctor meanwhile decides not to read any more of the novel, which is credited to “Melody Malone”, an alias used by River to investigate Weeping Angels in 1938 New York. He fears that he would be forced to follow the plot once he becomes aware of it.” (Wikipedia, 2012)
The episode was a very emotional one for me, as I saw these two companions from the beginning of the Eleventh Doctor’s time in 2010 till their departure in New York. They were the longest companions of the Doctor since the re-boot in 2005 and I sometimes wish they didn’t have to leave. But as everyone knows that companions come and go and one lesson learnt is that the Doctor must never travel alone. This was shown in the previous episodes leading up to this and maybe why the Doctor was getting darker in character.

As the episode progressed, my heart kept on sinking as the Angels were chasing them and when both the Ponds went over to kill themselves to create a Paradox. My heart sank even further when Rory was sent back again to the past and seeing his gravestone in a New York Graveyard. It was also really sad to see Amy go especially with the relationship she had with the Doctor.

Even the Doctor knew that he couldn’t visit them again and was very heartbroken. River was very supportive throughout the final scenes and even helped fly the TARDIS for the Doctor. Even she said that she will travel with the Doctor for some time (but not all the time).

The afterword in the book was very emotional because it was written by Amy a long time ago and she passed away at the age of 87, whilst Rory died at the age of 82. Here is what was written:

Overall the episode was an excellent piece of work by Steven Moffat. I hope some of the plot holes will be explained in the next part of the series but otherwise I give the episode a 9.5/10. It was also good to see that the episode got positive reviews and good viewing figures.

On a final note, I hope people saw that the Statue of Liberty was a Weeping Angel if not DO NOT BLINK!


The Last Day of the Ponds:

Here is the Christmas Special Trailer:

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and hope it makes up for the Vlog. I am hoping to film something next week and not too sure what exactly it would be at the moment. But in the mean time feel free to check out my other blog posts and Vlogs.

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