Minecraft Island Resort Project Vlog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am slowly getting there with my Minecraft Island Resort Project and thought of sharing a Vlog with what I have done so far 🙂 . Also I’ll be going into more detail of the project in this blog and talk more about Minecraft and other things.

Here is the Vlog showing what I have done so far:

Hope you enjoyed watching that short Vlog and now onto the details! 🙂

I started playing Minecraft in April 2011 after several months of watching various videos of the game on YouTube. Minecraft is basically a sandbox building game which  involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a 3D environment. The player  can either destroy or create blocks,  forming fantastic structures, creations and artwork. Also this game allows you to play across the various multi-player servers in multiple game modes such as survival, creative, hardcore and adventure.

In regards to the project I originally started a Winter Ski Resort and also was looking at loads of designs. For some reason I wasn’t happy with the way I built it and so I decided to look at other projects for inspiration. Then after several looks at various biomes and Islands I finally found what I was looking for. Here is the link to the seed (-4730482906978961744) for those interested in building a survival adventure map or like me an Island Resort. There are other biomes surrounding the island to explore and I might expand the map with this in mind. Also here is the link to the texture pack I am using.

I am currently looking at changing my avatar skin from Link (Legend of Zelda) to my own creation hopefully soon. I did play in some unreleased videos on my friend’s YouTube Channel called ‘Hardly A Channel’ like in May/June 2012. To be honest I do not know when that will be released because they have been really busy since graduating in June 2012. Hopefully will play as a guest player on their games soon and as they would be on mine.

On YouTube I follow a lot of gaming channels and felt like sharing them here on this post as they do an awesome job of playing not just Minecraft but other gaming titles. Here are their channel links below:

Yogscast Lewis & Simon

Yogscast Lalna aka Duncan

Yogscast Hannah

Yogscast Sjin

Yogscast Sips

Yogscast Rythian

Yogscast Nilesy

Yogscast Martyn aka InTheLittleWood

Hardly A Channel (Jamie, Nosh and Simon)

I am thinking of expanding onto a second channel on YouTube just for the gaming stuff. This is so the main channel just focuses on my Vlogs, Student Radio podcasts and other things. I can also directly link the new channel onto a page on this WordPress blog. I will also make the channel  professional looking (same with the main channel) and the videos will be of higher quality on both channels.
I will also set a timetable of when videos will be released once I find a full-time job and stuff. At the moment I am most probably going to start the Let’s Play Series in mid-November 2012 and not October 2012 as planned. However I might be getting Fraps and a Gaming Headset in the next few weeks and I might do some recording of games such as Minecraft whilst I am saving on other equipment to record Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword on the Wii. By playing other games on the laptop will most probably be a taster of what I am capable of doing a gaming channel and then start playing the main Let’s Play Series. I hope things go to plan (finger’s crossed)!

Finally I hope you enjoyed reading the blog post and enjoyed watching the Vlog. There will be another blog post tomorrow evening and a Vlog/Blog will be released during next week. Feel free to like, comment, subscribe to this blog and channel. Also feel free to follow me on Twitter too 🙂

Thank you,



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