An Experience I Will Never Forget when Job Hunting

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I wanted to write something that happened on the 11th October 2012 when I was called for a Job Interview.


Here it goes…


As you may know that I am an Environmental Management  graduate from the University of Hertfordshire and have a strong interest in Media amongst other things. I applied for the role of Video Camera Operator based in South London just to gain some experience in the Media sector.

I got the job advertisement from my local Jobcentre Plus office and emailed my CV to the email address that was supplied. A day later I got an automated email saying that I got an interview and the time I should come down to meet the Production Team.

I noticed that in the email the postcode was misspelled. I thought nothing much of it but when I typed into Google the address I started to have doubts whilst looking at the area. I also checked out the company for research but still could not find anything.  I talked through with family and on their advice I decided to check this out on the day.

I arrived on the 11th at the address half an hour earlier (1:30 PM)  just to make sure I wasn’t late or anything. I called the number given in the email and this person said I was too early and to come back an hour later (2:30 PM). I tried to explain that I came all the way from Northwest London and it took me over an hour and a half to reach there. But the person didn’t really care and then cut me off.

I met another person just moments later who was also coming for the interview and we decided to check the places out and ask where this media company was based. The address was a lock up for storage and even the staff running the place had no idea where this company was based. We then received a text message stating that the interview would start at 3:00 PM, much later than I wanted to wait for.

The person I met discussed more about how we got an interview for this and as the more we talked, the more I felt that something was wrong. We then went to a coffee shop nearby for something to eat and then headed back 15 minutes before the new Interview time.

When we reached at the address, there were other people waiting with same confused look as I had when looking for the place earlier in the day. They were all applying for the same job and some were really experienced, whilst others not so much. We waited till 3 PM and one of them called the person and was enquiring what was happening. They got into an argument and what I heard was not good. The person who arranged the interview was making excuses over the phone and wanted to delay it even further. This was not professional at all compared to the  other interviews I have had so far.

The guy who called and another person then decided to leave and within 10 minutes the person who arranged the interview came making all sorts of accuses and asked us to come inside this lock up. The lock up was a very small studio and it was very deceiving. By the look of things it was run by a one-man company.

I just went outside just to make an important call to one of the family and explained the situation to them. Then I came back inside and was asked to fill out a form. This was no way an interview and I also closely looked at the form. The form asked me for my personal details including my date of birth and national insurance number. It didn’t feel right at all and thankfully didn’t fill it out where as the others did.
I then made an excuse and the person let me outside; I then decided to go straight home.  It just felt really dodgy and I now double my background checks on companies that I am applying for. For the record I do always check but was shocked that this advert came from a trustful place like a Jobcentre Plus.

I still feel that I made the right decision by not filling in that form and walking away from it. All I can say that it’s a dangerous world out there and there are so many people looking for jobs in this current economic climate. I hope this blog comes not just as a warning but as advice for those still job hunting just to be careful out there.

Finally, feel free to comment your experiences when job hunting or even give advice/tips on finding the right job. Plus thank you for all the support so far, it’s really keeping me going and helping with my confidence.
See you all next week!




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