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Hi Everyone! πŸ™‚

Hope everything is going well for all of you! No Vlog for this one because I felt it was better to write instead.

On Friday the 23rd November 2012 I went to St. Albans Abbey for the University of Hertfordshire’s Graduation Ceremony. Originally our department of Geography and Environmental Sciences were booked for the afternoon session but were moved to the evening one instead. It was not last minute thing though, we were told it was moved just roughly over a month before the ceremony.

My parents travelled with me and unfortunately my two younger brothers could not come because of the limited seating (2 guests per Graduate). It was such a lovely evening meeting my friends and most of their families. Also the ceremony was really good, I honestly don’t know how they managed to call everyone within one and a half hours and finish it off in time.

Despite it being really cold outside, the class I was with for four whole years managed to take a few photos in our robes before heading off our separate ways. I never thought I would go to University, get a degree and meet such awesome staff and class mates.

I shouldn’t forget the people who made the person I am today and that’s my parents. Without their support I would not have reached so far in life. I would like to thank them for everything and if they read this thank you for being there! πŸ™‚

I also would like to thank so many people and here is the list:

My two awesome Geography and three Maths teachers from High School

Mrs Walton and Mr Webb, my two awesome form tutors in high School

Judith Lynch my form tutor from College

My teachers from College

My First (Primary) School Headteacher Mrs Keeble (Who now is a Dame)

My four awesome friends who have stuck by me for over 6 years since September 2006 when we all first met in College

My friends from my degree and also the others who I have met from the Hindu Society and Student Radio (also friends who I have made whilst studying in the LRC)

The Geographers who we’ve shared classes with and the Joint Honour bunch too

My friends who I meet in Finchley almost every week and of course in India too at-least once a year!

My new friends from Radio Northwick Park

My Whovian friends (I may have mentioned them already but they are still awesome that we like the same thing and don’t squabble over which Doctor is the best)

My Close Family from both sides for their support

My two brothers and of course my parents

To the friends who have come and gone, I haven’t forgotten you and will remember for the rest of my life for the good things you have all done.

Finally, to those who I have been fortunate to meet and given me some valuable advice on what to do especially Aled Jones from BBC Radio One.

Here is a picture of me in my Graduation Robes (It felt like I was in one of those Wizard Novels!)

Graduation Photo

Thanks and see you all very soon! Also just saying that I will get some Vlogs out there once I have sorted out some ideas on what to film.


Sav πŸ™‚


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