A blog all about well…stuff

Hi everyone! 🙂

I hope you have been enjoying reading my past 40 blog posts and looking forward to future ones 🙂

I cannot believe that it has been that many and appreciate all the comments, likes and follows on the blog page.

I wanted to give you all a nice advance notice about the upcoming Vlogs and blog posts that is to come in the very near future.

During this week there should be a Vlog about my radio experience with Radio Northwick Park as it has been a month since I joined in mid-November 2012.

There should also be a weekly Gaming Videos Blog Post well almost every week, it really depends on how much games I record and how long it takes to render, edit and upload onto the gaming channel. I hope people have been enjoying it and I am aware of how quiet my voice is. This is mainly because I have been recording around 10 PM in the evening especially the Chaos on Deponia and Worms Revolution videos. Also I do not want to disturb people without waking them up.

Regular blog posts about different topics may be done without warning and appear on your feed so just letting all of you know in advance.

I should not forget that next weeks Vlog (week commencing 16th December 2012) should be something interesting and not giving anything away. Also maybe another Vlog about the Hobbit Film depending if I see it a day or two/three after the release.

26th December 2012 will be my Christmas Doctor Who Special Review Vlog and that is something I am really looking forward to plan, film, edit and upload onto YouTube.

Finally, hope you are all well and thank you for your support so far!




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