Snow and Wildlife in the Garden Vlog Blog Post

Hi everyone! 🙂

Hope you’re keeping warm in this weather and keeping safe when travelling in and around London. Not to forget the rest of the readers who live in the UK too, hope all is well 🙂 To my readers around the globe especially in the Northern Hemisphere, dealing with the snow hope everything is well too! 🙂

My Vlog below is what I recorded earlier in the day and I felt that the past few days have been somewhat chaotic especially travel wise. I went to Radio Northwick Park on Sunday and the snow was falling pretty hard and settling quickly too when travelling on Public Transport.

In this Vlog I show my back Garden full of snow and the Wildlife footprints left behind. It is a short video but hoping the next two Vlogs are slightly longer (i.e. No more than 10-15 minutes long).

Here it is:

I hope you have enjoyed watching this short Vlog and feel free to like, comment and subscribe 🙂

The next two Vlogs should be hopefully about and upcoming Vlogs are:  (update 2nd Feb 2013)

Natural History Museum (3rd Feb 2013)

Science Museum (10th Feb 2013)

Project Dirt (Moved to the 17th Feb 2013)

Kew Gardens (Moved to Spring March/April 2013)

Also I will put up my blog from Radio Northwick Park within the next week or two depending when it’s put online as a shared link.

See you all soon!




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