My visit to the Science Museum Vlog Blog

Hi everyone! 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed watching and also reading about my visit to the Natural History Museum from last week. If you haven’t had the chance to see it here is the link:

This Vlog and blog post is about my visit to the Science Museum and the last time I went was in September 2008 with two of my closest friends just as I was about to start University. I have visited the Museum before with family and have always enjoyed coming every time. I especially enjoy visiting and immersing myself with the history of the Industrial Revolution. I especially enjoy looking at the Steam Locomotives (Trains!) and have enjoyed trains as long as I can remember. I also do enjoy looking at the Planes section too in the Museum but nothing can beat trains (in my opinion).

Here is the Vlog:

I hope you enjoyed the Vlog and here are a selection of photos from the trip:

RAF WW2 Plane Steam Locomotive Wheels Rocket

Whilst visiting and exploring the other parts I accidentally went into a telephone box (not the TARDIS unfortunately). I was secretly hoping that I might bump into the Doctor but hey someday it will happen!

I actually found this awesome project for Women called “What I See.” It’s an interactive way in which women can reflect on their feelings and thoughts about themselves and life more broadly. Feel free to check it out my female readers 🙂

Also here are some other interesting links:

Main Museum Events

Online Science

Next week’s Vlog will be about Project Dirt and I will link it via blog post on here as it will be featured on the Project Dirt Journal. It should hopefully be up on the 17th February 2013. There might be a blog post about the past month too this week (keep an eye out).

Hopefully a couple of gaming videos also come out too (it won’t be The Tourist Minecraft Adventure Map or anything Minecraft related). I hoping it to be some Indie Games.

Thank you for reading and feel free to like, comment and subscribe to the Vlog channel and the blog too! 🙂

Much appreciated!




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