2013 so far…February Photo Blog

Hi everyone! 🙂

These past two months of 2013 have gone very quickly and there are already signs that spring is nearing. This means that I will be able to go to Kew Gardens in two-three weeks time! 🙂

Now below are another set of four photos which I took last month and this time I have a brand new phone with a better camera. I am actually loving the fact that I am able to take clearer and higher quality photo. However nothing beats my Panasonic Lumix (FZ45 for those wondering) and hopefully next months photo blog post will contain one or two photos from the Lumix.

February 2013:

Tried something new last month and it was from Cadburys called “Egg ‘n’ Spoon.” It was actually really nice and came in these egg boxes with their own mini spoons 🙂


During the month I played some of my video games, but nothing gets nostalgic as playing the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and took this photo just before continuing with a dungeon inside a massive fish’s belly! Now this game I have had since my 22nd birthday and on my Nintendo 3DS but been playing it whenever I had a chance to sit down.

Legend of Zelda OoT

Here is a photo actually taken by my friend but it still kind of counts as I now use it as my profile picture for all my Social media pages. It was taken in the studios of Radio Northwick Park and has to be one of my favourite profile pictures to date 🙂

RNP =)

Finally the final picture of the month has to be this hoodie from my University trip to Switzerland. Even though I went in 2009, whenever I wear it or even looking at the Matterhorn on the back of the hoodie it reminds me of the good times I had visiting the awesome country 🙂

Switzerland Hoodie

The March photo blog post should be up in April 2013 and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this blog post 🙂

For those who are wondering what camera I used for these photos it is a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a 8 mega pixel camera. The app I used was Instagram for Android and it helped making each photo different. I was just trying it out and seeing what difference it made from the actual picture.

In regards to Vlogs, I am hoping to release something this week so keep an eye out 🙂

Hopefully see you all soon!




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