My “Firsts” Vlog Blog Post

Hi everyone! 🙂

Hope all is well with you readers. Here is a Vlog about my “Firsts,” and also an introduction to who I am for those who are new my blogs and other things. I thought it would be better briefly explaining who I was to people who stumble upon my channel and wanted to find out more about me.

I also talk about my first experience of things including a recent birthday party at Karaoke bar in central London. That is all explained in the Vlog below (it should also be available for the first time in 720p (HD!)) The video also is unedited and taken in one go so and you may notice me not focusing on the camera much (it was so hard…)

Here is the Vlog:

I hope you have enjoyed the Vlog and I am so sorry for the delay. Things don’t go to plan and also I do tend to get really busy with other things. I have done a rough schedule which will be in another blog post released later in the day.

There is a lot of stuff happening in my life and been focusing a lot on radio, blogs and about to start a new job. Will explain more in the next blog post.

See you all real soon!




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