2013 so far…March 2013 Photo Blog

Hi everyone! 🙂

Yesterday was a busy day in terms of blog activity and was really happy with the positive reaction to my latest posts 🙂

This photo blog new year’s resolution is going pretty well with the four photos per month. Last month went very quick and now our clocks have gone an hour ahead (British Summer Time (BST)) which means longer days and hopefully warmer weather!

This month I took a lot more photos. So below are my four favourite photos which I took not just on my phone but also on my camera too.

March 2013:

Whilst shopping in my home town of Pinner I stopped by the High Street and took a photo of Pinner Parish Church which was recently went under some repairs. I remember when in Primary School visiting the Church as part of a field trip around the town.

Pinner High Street

Even though Spring really hasn’t shown itself so far in 2013, these brave little Daffodils are doing well and I liked taking a photo of them 🙂


Finally here are two Wildlife photos I took at both St. James’ and Hyde Parks. I was supposed to go to Kew Gardens but the weather was not that great.

The first picture was taken at St. James’ Park whilst the second one was taken at Hyde Park.


Mute Swan

They can also be found on my Flickr Page too 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed March’s photos and next photo blog for April 2013 should be out in May 2013. This month’s photos should be amazing too and it’s a special month for me too as I will be turning a year older 🙂

For those who are wondering which cameras I used:

Samsung Galaxy S3 with a 8 mega pixel camera with the Instagram App (Photos 1 and 2)

Panasonic Lumix FZ45 (Photos 3 and 4)

Feel free to like and comment on this blog. Also feel free to see my other posts and social media stuff 🙂

See you all next week 🙂




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