Doctor Who Review Blog: “Cold War.”

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Sorry for the delay in releasing this, had a busy day on Monday. Another very busy day ahead today too.

Would like to thank you all for all the positive response to the recent Doctor Who review and also in general to my other blogs and of course Vlogs.

In regards to planned Vlogs, there was supposed to be one last week and yesterday but totally forgot to film something. But there should hopefully be something out on Saturday (20th April 2013).

Now onto the episode “Cold War!”

The episode was released on Saturday 13th April 2013 and I thought it was another very good episode.  I personally think this was one of Mark Gatiss’ better written episodes. Don’t get me wrong, he is a brilliant writer and of course actor (Mycroft Holmes, Professor Lazarus, Gantok, etc.) but I wasn’t a fan of the episode “Night Terrors.” However looking forward to his next story which is episode 12 of the series called “The Crimson Horror,” featuring Madame Vastra, Jenny and of course the loveable Mr. Potato Head Strax!

“Cold War” was set in 1983 at the height of tensions between the United States of America (USA) and Soviet Russia. The TARDIS lands on a troubled submarine (with nuclear weapons) in the Arctic where they have an unexpected alien on-board (not just a Time Lord thrown into the mix). This episode introduces the Ice Warriors. Well, one Ice Warrior who has been frozen in the Arctic Ice for 5000 years and is pretty angry. These villains were  last seen during the 70’s and it was nice to see them after so long. Even though I wasn’t born then I have watched some Classic Who to understand their character and history.

The way the episode panned out was well and linked with a lot of references to the Doctor’s past with the Ice Warrior. There were a few scary scenes like for example, the dead bodies, Clara freezing with fear and the almost detonation of the nuclear war heads.  There were some funny scenes too, for example when Clara realises she’s speaking Russian (I always find it funny when companions don’t realise that the TARDIS translates almost every language in the Universe) and the Doctor resetting the TARDIS’ emergency escape system.

The only low point was the ending where Skaldak (the Ice Warrior) leaves is rescued from the submarine. They could have at least not do a reference to the film ET, although some scenes did remind me of Alien. Despite that, I give this episode a firm 8.5 out of 10.

I am hoping next Saturday’s episode will be an excellent one (20th April 2013) because it’s all about a Haunted House and Ghost Hunters! 🙂

Here’s a preview of “Cold War”:

For those who have missed it, here it is on BBC iPlayer (once again sorry for non-UK readers, I am sure you can find it on your local search engine).

Here is the trailer for the next episode (on the 20th April 2013) called “Hide.” I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! :

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