Doctor Who Review Blog: “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.”

Hi everyone! 🙂

Hope is all well with you, the readers. There are so many pictures out there on the 50th Anniversary Special, I honestly don’t know where to look. Even BBC One on Twitter put a picture out there with Matt Smith’s and David Tennant’s shoes (11th and 10th Doctors). Spoilers everywhere…

However, the episodes are gradually building up to it and it’s falling into place nicely. Saturday’s episode (27th April 2013), was one of the best episodes I have seen in the series so far. Mainly because the storyline was excellent and seeing more rooms of the TARDIS. I loved seeing the Library full of books and Jars with voices about the Doctor’s past. Clara did discover a book about the Time War and did question the Doctor about what he was hiding from her. It’s great when a companion questions him about his past. Also listening to the voices of past reincarnations and companions was a very good nod to the past.

The Time Zombies were very well linked to the Time rupture and how it was fixed wasn’t too rushed either. I did like the Salvage team even-though one was a completely selfish and arrogant (feel free to finish that off). Thankfully his brother showed him the right path in the end (even though they became those zombies in the alternate time line).

Seeing the heart of the TARDIS and the eye of Harmony was nice and remembering that she is a living thing after all. It’s great when they remind you of past events especially to “The Doctor’s Wife” (Amy didn’t believe she was a living thing at first). They are however still teasing about Clara and especially to the Doctor’s real name and the final episode of Series 7 part 2 is called “The Doctor’s Name.”

I give this episode a 10/10. It’ll be hard to pass that next week…

Here is the preview of “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” :

The episode on the BBC iPlayer.

This Saturday’s (4th May 2013) episode called “The Crimson Horror” (featuring Madam Vastra, Jenny and Strax):

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and feel free to like and comment! 🙂

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