Doctor Who Review Blog: “The Crimson Horror.”

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Now onto the last episode of Doctor Who called “The Crimson Horror.” This episode was broadcast on Saturday 4th May 2013 and was written by Mark Gatiss.

This was set in Yorkshire in the Victorian period and featured Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax. This episode didn’t feature the Doctor and Clara much and mainly focused on the detective work of the three lovable characters. It mainly showed their view points and how they coincidently stumbled upon the Doctor whilst investigating a case about people mysteriously dying covered in this red paste. One of the coroners called it “The Crimson Horror” and rightly so especially where the deaths were happening at this place called “Sweetville.” This perfect looking place with the manicured grass, flowers and buildings surely nothing evil was happening right?

Wrong. Enter the evil, old Mrs Gillyflower who wants to get rid off humanity and every living thing on the planet (well, not everything). She with the help of this parasitic creature from 65 million years ago (called Mr. Sweet)  and his venom, they want to take over the world. With the venom they would launch a rocket and spread it across the globe. Those who were immune to it had been put into an antidote vat so when the world was destroyed could repopulate as the survivors.

There were some serious tones in this episode but the mood was lightened with some hilarious scenes involving Strax wanting to get in on the action. Also scenes with Jenny and the Doctor where she fights off those minions.

The way Mrs Gillyflower treated her daughter was very heart breaking and ruining her life in the process for power. Thankfully the daughter fought her mother at the end and even helped the Doctor quite a few times in the episode.

The episode was very well written and actually was a very good watch. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. This Saturday (11th May 2013) is the return of the Cybermen and the episode is called “The Nightmare in Silver.” This episode is written by Neil Gaiman and it’s his second one for Doctor Who after “The Doctor’s Wife.”

Here is a preview of the last episode “The Crimson Horror:”

Here is the episode on BBC iPlayer.

Here is a trailer for the next episode “The Nightmare in Silver:”

Finally a funny interview by Strax:

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