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Been busy recently and I really did not have much time to write or even film a Vlog. However, I felt that the last two episodes of Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 should be written together in a special review blog. These two episodes are of course “Nightmare in Silver” and “The Name of the Doctor.”

So here we go!

“Nightmare in Silver,” was written by Neil Gaiman and was set on a theme park world. The episode saw the return of the Cybermen but not as we know them from 2005. These Cybermen were “upgraded” versions and much more scarier. I really liked the design and of course the way they moved. Rather than being slow they surprised enemies by being faster than them. Can you imagine how the Daleks will feel now that these particular race of the Cybermen can potentially dodge their death rays? I would love to see this in action (Doctor Who writers take note!) one day 🙂

The story was very well written but compared to “The Doctor’s Wife” (which was excellent) I felt it was slightly lower in standard. Mainly due to the two children characters and the poor acting; I was very happy that they were under Cybermen control for a majority of the episode.

Matt Smith’s acting was brilliant, especially when he was the “Cyber Planner.” Love seeing him playing two different characters this is because it reminded me of his Ganger version in Series 6. Warwick Davis was also brilliant in this episode as “Porridge/Emperor” and brought much needed comic relief and scenes of humour. Loads of references to the past and I love seeing that especially being the 50th Anniversary not so far away (being positive here! Even though it feels like an eternity).

I give this episode an 8.5/10.

Now here is a  preview and episode link to the above episode (see below) 🙂

Episode on BBC iPlayer

If you have not watched “The Name of the Doctor”  then below does contain spoilers.


Before I start reviewing here is the prequel to the episode:

Now this episode was well received by the majority of Whovians and I really enjoyed it, I hope you the reader also enjoyed it!

Where to begin?!

Let’s see I loved how the episode started and seeing Clara travelling through time and appearing to all of the Doctor’s regenerations. I enjoyed seeing Gallifrey and the Doctor and Susan (his Granddaughter) entering the TARDIS for the first time.

It was nice to see the good old team of River Song, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax. Seeing the Great Intelligence was much more sinister and Richard E. Grant was excellent as a villain (I personally would love to see him again, possibly in a spin-off series with Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax).

The Whispermen were scary and Moffat did a fantastic job of scaring even more children and possibly adults too.  The Silence and them in a room would definitely scare me, especially when covered in tally marks and seeing the Whispermen slowly coming at me with their mouths wide open aiming to stop my heart.

Clara’s role as the impossible girl was excellently executed and properly answered and how she comes about saving the Doctor’s life countless of times. The Doctor’s name wasn’t revealed thankfully (except to open the tomb in Trenzalore by River (invisible to everyone apart from Clara and the Doctor)) but his past was in danger.

Seeing John Hurt as the unexplained regeneration of the Doctor is a game changer and will define the 50th Anniversary very much. This is because in the ending he said he had no choice what he did but the 11th Doctor regards him as a traitor to the name chosen.

Here is the final scene (spoilers!):

Feel free to discuss below about who this regeneration could possibly be; I think he is the Time War regeneration because he has cross between 8 and 9.

I give this episode a very special 11/10 because of the excellent ending and overall story to lead into the 50th Anniversary.

Episode on BBC iPlayer.

Here is a tribute to the entire programme from the TV BAFTAs:

A fan made trailer for the 50th:

A special message:

Finally feel free to like, comment and subscribe and will definately write a review for the 50th Anniversary 🙂






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