2013 so far…May 2013 Photo Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂


Hope all is well with you the readers. Last month was a good month for photos and I took more on the go with my Samsung Galaxy S3 camera.


I am hoping for some Vlogs and a few blogs this month and will be pre-recording and planning things for July 2013 as it’s going to be a very busy month.


So during May 2013 I went to see The Apprentice You’re Fired recording and went with my uncle, sister-in-law and cousin. Below is a picture taken whilst in the queue at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London with my sister-in-law (she’s awesome because she also likes Doctor Who!) :

You're Fired!

Also I finally decided to start reading “Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin and so far it’s awesome and I’ve already got the first season 🙂 :

Winter's Coming!
Winter’s Coming!

This mood-lightning at one of my friend’s wedding reception in East London was very interesting and I liked this green colour. I thought it looked a bit radioactive:


Finally, whilst at work I saw this late bloom of Chrysanthemum’s and I thought it was pretty cool with the usage of Instagram:


For those wondering I used a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a 8 mega pixel camera with the Instagram App 🙂


I like using Instagram to share stuff with it’s filters and I use it to enhance a photo.


Feel free to like and comment. To be honest I do this for fun and it has never been about the likes. I enjoy writing something whenever I get the chance to! 🙂


See you all soon!




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