India vs. West Indies ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Match Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂


Hope is all well and good! This blog is all about my trip to the Oval Cricket Ground in South London for the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Group Match featuring both India and the West Indies.

Cricket is one of my favourite sports in the world and I love playing and watching the sport. It’s also something I’ve been brought with from a very young age and have always supported two teams. These are of course England and India mainly because I was born in the United Kingdom (UK) and I have an Indian family and Ancestry. But when these two teams verse each other, India is the team I want to win.


I of course keep an eye on my local county cricket team Middlesex (based at Lords Cricket Ground) and I am happy they are doing well this season (so far!). In regards to the Indian Premier League (IPL) it’s safe to say I really am not into it as much because it clashes with the climax of the football (soccer to our non-European readers) season here.


Many of the India and a few of the West Indies players also play in the IPL but it was nice to see them at the One Day International (ODI) This ODI was on Tuesday (11/06/2013) morning and the conditions were good for swing bowlers. I was happy India chose to field once they won the toss. The 50-50 over (6 balls in an over) match may be boring for some but it can be very exciting especially with India’s current form.


ICC Champions Trophy 2013 at the Oval
ICC Champions Trophy 2013 at the Oval


This match was also both teams second group match and both of them had won their first ones last week. India needed to win one more to qualify for the semi-final due to Pakistan losing both their previous two group matches. The West Indies needed to win their last two matches (including this one) to qualify for the Semi-Final.


The match overall was very good and the atmosphere was excellent. I enjoyed the interval entertainment (drummers) and as a Radio DJ enjoyed the playlist music. The music had a very nice feel to it and helped the crowd enjoy themselves more. I also liked participating in several Mexican Waves throughout the match. During the match I managed to meet two of my work colleagues from Arsenal Football Club and meet one of my friends.


West Indies Innings
West Indies Innings


Even though the rain briefly stopped the match towards the end of the day, I personally felt that both sides played really well. Five players that deserve mention were:

1. Johnson Charles

2. Darren Sammy

3. Shikhar Dhawan

4. Rohit Sharma

5. Ravindra Jadeja

The final scores were:

West Indies: 233 for 9 (50.0 Overs)

India: 236 for 2 (39.1 Overs)

Won by 8 Wickets

I will be writing two more blogs about the ICC Champions Trophy this month and these will be for the Semi-Final (19/06/2013) and Final (23/06/2013).


I don’t really do sports blogs, especially about Cricket but I hope all of you enjoyed reading this. Just would like to know out of these teams who you would like in the Final?


Feel free to like and comment on this blog =)


See you all soon!






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