England Vs. India ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Final Match Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Hope all is well!

The ICC Champions trophy final: England versus India  was at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham and the day was set to be a rainy one. It certainly was raining a lot during the day that they only managed to do the trophy guard of honour, toss and national anthems before a ball even being played. It was also so cold too, that even-though I wrapped up warm, I managed to get a cold.

My family and I were about to go around 2:30 pm because we were uncertain that the match would go ahead. Thankfully the match went ahead and even though it rained a bit more (a lot actually, play didn’t start for another hour or so!), I managed to see a Twenty20 instead (originally was going to be a Twentyfour24 match).

India had loss the toss and were put into bat and they did okay with 129 for 7. England scored 124 for 8 and loss by 5 runs. It was a really close match and the crowd atmosphere was excellent despite the rain.

As I support both teams I was both happy and sad, not just seeing India win a trophy, but also seeing England lose. I know there will be people saying that I should be supporting only India but I want to share this article highlighting how some British born India fans have a go at people of Indian descent who support England only. It breaks my heart and even-though it may be banter, it kind of sours the taste of victory.

Here it is.

On another note I am looking forward to India play against Sri Lanka and the West Indies in the Caribbean. Not to forget The Ashes series for England and Australia too. It will be a good summer of Cricket 🙂

Otherwise hope you have enjoyed reading this kind of short blog from me.




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