An update about the gaming channel and blogs coming out in September 2013.

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I really do apologise for not blogging this whole month. I was on holiday to India and Malaysia in late July 2013 to early August 2013. Then once I came back I fell ill so that did not help me much.

However, there are 3 Malaysia Blogs coming out starting from the 4th September 2013 spread over the month. A podcast from a cover show I did on the 14th August 2013 will come out soon and possibly more of these to come when I do cover shows. The photo blogs are coming out this Monday 2nd September 2013.

But the gaming videos are not a priority, my blogs and radio are more important for me, The gaming channel hasn’t been a success but I am willing to focus more on my blogs and possibly do more collabs with other YouTube Content makers. I have therefore deleted everything related to that channel and moved one video which Island resort for Minecraft to the main channel. All gaming blogs on here have been deleted too. Any links to them on my Facebook profile has been sorted out.

Anything else related to the channel has also be sorted too. Unfortunately Twitter is hard to delete as I literally tweet every day so I have go through a back log. But one day I will sort that out.

If you did enjoy my gaming videos I am sorry for deleting them, but it is time to move onto better things. I will game whenever I can in my free time with friends and family.

See you all on Monday,




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