2013 So Far…July 2013 and August 2013 Photo Blog Special

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here are 4 photos each from July 2013 and August 2013. Photos were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera and some were shared on Instagram also. Photos were varied from going to holiday to visiting central London.

Hope you all enjoy looking at them 🙂

July 2013:

1) On the way to India from Heathrow T5, I stumble upon the Dalek Supreme:

Heathrow T5 #wheredoyouwanttogo
Heathrow T5 #wheredoyouwanttogo

2) Kuala Lumpur 1:

KL, Malaysia

3) Kuala Lumpur 2:

KL, Malaysia 2

4) Langkawi, Malaysia:


August 2013:

1) On the way back home Hong Kong to London Heathrow T5:

Hong Kong BA Flight

2) Arriving back home from Hong Kong and holiday in Malaysia:

Home sweet Home

3) The London Eye:

London Eye

4) Doing my very first cover show for Radio Northwick Park:


See you all on Wednesday!




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