Pokemon Y Game Review Blog (with Unboxing Vlog)

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Hope all is well with you all. On Saturday 12th October 2013 I got the game Pokemon Y. This is the sixth generation of the game to be released and for the first time globally (not just Japan first then a few months America and then us in Europe).

I first got Pokemon when I was eight years old and the game version was Red. I have always been a big fan of the franchise since that game and 15 years on I am still enjoying it.  I have grown up from playing on the Game Boy Color to now the 3DS and the technology of course has improved over time.

Here is a Vlog I did last week when Pokemon Y arrived with a small game clip (shows a bit of the game) (no spoilers trust me!):

Now onto the review!

Where do I begin?!

Being more of a fan of the games than the anime, I was happy to play a Pokemon game that was made for the 3DS. I have played the previous generation game and cannot wait to move over my team from Pokemon White once I have beaten the Elite 4 and Champion.

Pokemon Y  (and it’s counterpart X) is set in the region called Kalos. This region is based on France and is a massive area and the Pokedex shows this being split into three parts (Central Kalos, Coastal Kalos and Mountain Kalos). Being more of a European theme it reminds me of my visits to France and of the Parisian Lifestyle which is portrayed beautifully in the game.

You get one of the three starters from the region (Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie)  and as a bonus you get one of the three starters from the very first game set in Kanto (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle). If you connect to the mystery gift option after re-starting the game (afterward starting and saving of course) you get a very special Hoenn Starter (Torchic) in relation to the much talked about Mega Evolutions. It’s the best of both worlds really!

I have so far seen over 160 Pokemon and collected 6 badges so haven’t got to the final stages yet, however there is a lot to do and many people to talk to and battle.

The different areas are visually good and the city which represents Paris (called Luminous City) has so many cafes, alleys, shops and a gym too that you can spend many hours exploring.

The battling system and the way the 3D Pokemon move is excellent and I enjoy it very much. Even watching your own team grow and gain experience is much easier than before. EV Training has got more simpler and using features such  as Super Training and Pokemon Amie helps a lot.

I am not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t got that far ahead or haven’t played it but having 4 other friends is so much fun and the way they interact with other people is amusing to say at least.

The evil in the region in the form of Team Flare are very fashion focused and you do encounter them quite a bit as there is a linear story line (as with all other previous generations) but still all good and it always works well.

The music is great and very energetic and the keeps you upbeat and happy. Plus the time and night cycle is good too and happy that the seasons don’t occur in the game as it was a bit annoying every few months.

I give the game a 9.5/10 because not only is it perfect in many ways, it’s just I would like the AI (Artificial Intelligence) to challenge me a bit more. I know that versing other players are a good wake up call when playing online, one piece of advice is to be prepared!

Finally I have been asked by friends and family what my ultimate team would be  so here it is! (Team does change around too but not that often)

1) Luxray (Electric Type)

2) Blastoise (Water Type)

3) Typhlosion (Fire Type)  / Delphox (Fire and Psychic Type)

4) Glaceon (Ice Type)

5) Zapdos ( Electric and Flying Type) / Staraptor (Normal and Flying Type)

6) Swampert (Water and Ground Type) / Lucario (Fighting and Steel Type)

What is your ultimate team (can have one legendary pokemon) ?

See you all soon,




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