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Hope all is well with you all! I know there has been a few new blogs and vlogs coming out this month. There will be more coming out throughout the month and into the New Year. This is because I want to write more blogs and film more vlogs as I am currently enjoying it a lot.

Now the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who was over two weeks ago and I have seen the episode at least another three more times on Sky+ and BBC iPlayer just analysing it over and noticing the finer details which I may have missed whilst watching it in a full cinema of Whovians on the day itself in 3D.

I hope all of you who are fans of the show have seen it and if you have I hope you all enjoyed it. I did do a special two hour show the day afterwards on Radio Northwick Park with a spoiler free review and then mentioned it again briefly on yesterday’s vlog.

I am not sure where you can see the episode as it has been taken down on most catch-up sites, however the DVD should be out (UK users can buy it from here) and if you are reading this from outside the UK just double check on Amazon (your country) or other online shop providers.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet there are spoilers below this line!


Where to begin?

Doctor Who has been through the test of time for over 50 years now and there was a period of 16 years where it wasn’t shown on the BBC (apart from the 1996 Movie which was shown in America.) It was the fans kept it alive and Russell T Davies who bought it back in 2005 and I am so happy that he did because we wouldn’t have the special and also the brilliance of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith. Plus don’t forget the magnificent companions over the eight years since re-launch.

I haven’t forgotten the other Doctors and their companions and I am well aware of the Classic Era of Doctor Who. My favourite Doctor of that era was the Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker. I  mentioned this in my Vlog on why I love the programme (feel free to check it out!)

The episode itself was well written in my opinion and liked that they mentioned the Time War and actually showed the Fall of Arcadia. The War Doctor played by John Hurt was a brilliant portrayal of a person who had enough of the war even though it would have bought genocide to the Gallifreyans (his own race) and the Daleks.

The introduction of Billie Piper as the Bad Wolf form of Rose Tyler was also nice to see. She played as “The Moment’s” interface which is a Time Lord weapon of mass destruction. This was the weapon the Doctor used to end the Time War and regretted to this very day. The Moment had other plans as she had gained a conscience.

It was her who brought the Eleventh, Tenth and the War Doctors together and making them rewrite time (with the help of Clara (played by Jenna Coleman)) and saving Gallifrey from falling. There was of course the involvement of the Zygons in Elizabethan England, Ten marrying Queen Elizabeth the First (see episode The End of Time), UNIT and the National Gallery.

The plot flowed well (albeit a few bumps) and was a true homage to 50 years of the show. Seeing all the known incarnations of the Doctor getting together saving Gallifrey plus the eyes of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor was a treat.

There was plenty of humour amongst the three Doctors and one of my favourite parts was when Ten said he didn’t like the new desktop theme of the TARDIS.

Towards the end of the episode I loved the scene where they were having tea together and the three TARDISes! Also seeing Tom Baker as the Curator and saying that Gallifrey hadn’t fallen gave the show a new direction to follow for the next 50 years (thanks to the picture in the National Gallery saying Gallifrey Falls No More). Plus this opens so many doors and the excitement of seeing the Time Lords  in the future will be really anticipated by many Whovians including myself.

For those wondering about the mess in canon the timeline, everything that happened in the last eight years still happens because the War Doctor doesn’t know that he had saved Gallifrey and feels that he is the last of the Time Lords. As far as I am concerned the Daleks destroyed themselves. Also what happened to the Zygons at the end? Well let Zygons be Zygons…

I am looking forward to Christmas which is 17 days away and seeing an exciting story. I know Matt Smith is leaving and Peter Capaldi is coming in the Christmas special but I am still going to watch it.

Finally, the 50th Anniversary Special was overall a 10 out of 10 for me and the best episode I have seen so far.

What did you guys think? Feel free to comment below!

See you all soon!



P.S. And Geronimo!!!



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