Minecraft: Monsoon Island Resort Update Vlog (December 2013) Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Hope all is well with you all.

I started this Minecraft project sometime in October 2012 and really wasn’t a priority to finish it off since September 2013. However with some free-time I had over the past month or so I have managed to do quite a bit and the progress has been better than I expected.

The Monsoon Island Resort has been mostly completed, will need to decorate the interiors of the buildings plus doing the signs and updating a few things here and there. There might also be extra features too but not too sure yet.

The nature reserve is taking shape and that’ll be completed in due time. I am hoping to make it as good as possible without disturbing the landscape too much. It’s such a beautiful Island even though it’s a cube generated world.

Here is the vlog (without commentary) showing the progress so far:

I am hoping to complete it in the New Year and release it for download by February/March 2014 time (finger’s crossed!). I don’t think I will do another Minecraft project on this scale and won’t be in a rush to do so. Most probably build a small build for myself one day and possibly just do a vlog showing it off.

Here are the previous vlogs about this project:




See you all soon and feel free to like and comment on this blog.




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