2013 So Far…December 2013 Photo Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Welcome to the very first post of 2014! Sorry for the delay, been busy with a couple of projects I’m currently working on and had a bit of a rest during the first week of 2014.

I hope you all like the new theme I’m using and hope the year is treating you all well!

Now December 2013 I took a lot of photos and below is a highlight of four photos I took during the month.

I used my Samsung Galaxy 3 Camera and Instagram App the most.

1. Cheesecake Dessert at Pizza Express in Hatch End, London. I am big fan of Cheesecake and this was delicious.


2. Wearing the Onesie for the first time was very comfortable. I wore this whilst doing charity work with Radio Northwick Park and walking about in the hospital was to say at least interesting.


3. The Christmas decoration we have at home I love watching it change it’s colours. The Snowman with his friends.

Snowman Decoration

4. Finally, these toy cars were a lot of fun and a bit of a distraction.

Toy Cars

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and more to come soon!

Feel free to like and comment,

See you all soon!




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