SavanFilms: A New Project and WordPress Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Hope all is well and you all. I just wanted to announce officially that since last week I released a new YouTube Channel (not like the unfortunate demise of my gaming channel) that I have always wanted to do as a film project for a couple of years now. This is because unlike the my main (and personal) YouTube Channel this is where I will be showcasing what I am capable of doing and with hardwork and effort I am sure I can achieve and enjoy.

This will include filming a wide range of things including Short Films, Wildlife Shorts, Interviews and Reviews.

The blog can be found on the sidebar of this blog but also here:

Everything what’s happening can be found on there and future blogs will be on there in regards to the project. I will also sometimes do an update blog on here when I feel it’s right to do so.

I won’t be abandoning this blog at all as it’s my personal blog and will be still be posting every month, so don’t you worry!

Thank you for the support so far and see you all soon,




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