The Lego Movie Review Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

In February 2014 I went to see The Lego Movie with my two younger brothers. I have been so excited to see this for a very long time and was keeping an eye on the trailers and extra features on YouTube too.

I was not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the entire film and there was a lot of funny scenes every minute.

I also enjoyed Lego taking the mick out of themselves and their product ranges including Bionicles (I enjoyed playing them when I was a kid).  It was literally something out of a child’s imagination and proves no matter how old you are you still enjoy playing with Lego.

The acting was amazing and reminds me of the Lego video games and their sense of humour.

The cinema on the day was packed with mainly people my age and also a few kids and their parents and wasn’t alone snickering at the gags.

I give this film a 10 out of 10.

Here is the  very catchy song “Everything is Awesome!” :

Also some funny bloopers too:


Hope you enjoyed reading and watching, feel free to comment and like below.

See you soon,




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