SavanFilms Update Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here are the blogs from SavanFilms which I have yet to post on this blog (from April 2014 onwards). I thought it would be easier to do an update blog instead of reposting them. I will be posting an update from the blog hopefully once a month from now on.



The Line of the Lido Short Film

The Favourite Things That Made Me Happy (#100HappyDays) Short Film

On The Road at Night Short Film

Savan’s Sounds Interview Ft. Planet Parle

The Wildlife of Kew Gardens (Wildlife Short)

Savan’s Sounds Interview Ft. Young Lohana Society North London

SavanReviews: Loot Crate May 2014 (Adventure)

A Journey Through Kew Gardens Short Film

The Wildlife of Kensington Gardens (Wildlife Short)

Nature & Wildlife Photography Favourites Short Film

A Wildlife Photography Journey Short Film

I hope you all enjoyed watching my SavanFilms Short Films and videos

See you all soon!






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