#Savstagram Vlog and Photography Projects Update Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

It’s November 2014 now and I have been asked what’s been going on with the #Savstagram Vlogs.

Due to me focusing on several projects such as the 100 Days of Nature Challenge, I haven’t found any favourite photos to share for September and October 2014. I will do a Vlog in January 2015 which will show any favourite photos taken from September to December 2014.

I want to do a photography project where I take photos of people who currently suffer or have suffered with a mental health problem and tell their story. Similar to what Humans of New York does but focusing on how they feel and show that they’re people like you and me. Current projects at the moment are the 100 Days of Nature, Autumn at Wiseacres, Sooty and Sav Go Places (still doing that) and building up my portfolio (in progress).

Other projects are Autumn in my Garden and the Macro photography experiment. At Wiseworks I’m doing other projects too but they’re joint to the workshop.

 Savan G Photography albums will still be shared on this blog still even when a website does eventually come.

With the website I am hoping to share my social media links, portfolio and contact details. Also the portfolio link will be shared and will update you all with any changes on here.

See you all soon,




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