Track of the Week Podcast November 2014 Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Track of the Week is my weekly feature for the Sunday Night Request Show on Radio Northwick Park. Live every Sunday from 7-8pm UK Time on I felt this was the best way of continuing a feature from my old show called Savan’s Sounds onto the main request show and showcase new and some classic songs.

Not every week the song can be played but I still share it on my Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter accounts.

It started on the 5th October 2014 and this month’s podcast is until the 30th November 2014’s song (I shared the track on my social media pages on the 28th November 2014). Normally each podcast should feature at least 8 tracks, this month will feature 9.

Here is the podcast for this month:

The next podcast will be on the 30th January 2015 however the SavanPlays podcast will be out on the 4th December 2014. So there will be a podcast every month and I hope to do this for at least a year.

So here is the rough schedule:

SavanPlays: Every two months on the 4th day.

Track of the Week: Every two months on the second last day.

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