SavanFilms Update Blog January 2015

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is an update for January 2015 from the SavanFilms Blog. All the posts are from October-December 2014 including the most recent film. This is excluding the Mind Charity Videos Blog which was also posted on this blog too.


A Journey of the Lake District, Cumbria and Northumberland in Pictures Short Film

The Best of Savan G Photography July 2014 – August 2014 Short Film

Minecraft Project: Monsoon Island Resort Short Film

100 Days of Nature Challenge: Day 31-60 

100 Days of Nature Challenge: Day 61-100

Minecraft Project: Xephdew Winter Base Short Film

SavanFilms 2015 Update Blog

Latest Film:

Wildlife In Harrow Short Film


Hope you all enjoyed watching these films and feel free to like and comment below. Also feel free to check out my other videos on the channel and subscribe too. Finally, feel free to follow this blog too.

See you all soon!




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