The Sunday Sevens Quiz Podcast January 2015

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I felt like sharing more of the Sunday Sevens Quiz especially from the last two request shows on Radio Northwick Park. This is because the Montage Podcast  was very well received and a lot of positive feedback from friends and family especially from the Quiz between the Presenters.

I think this may become a Monthly thing but hopefully I can compile and edit this every month and share it on Mixcloud. It all depends on also the show being recorded too.

The two shows were from the 18th January 2015 and the 25th January 2015.

On the 18th January 2015 the presenters were Vanshri, Steve and Onyela.

On the 25th January 2015 the presenters were Onyela, James and Charles.

The Quiz Master was yours truly, Savan Gandecha.

Here is the Podcast on Mixcloud:

Hope you all enjoyed listening to this Podcast and feel free to like and comment below.

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The Sunday Night Request show is run by the volunteers at Radio Northwick Park which is a hospital radio station based at Northwick Park Hospital, London, United Kingdom.

The Sunday Night Request Show is broadcast live from 7-8 pm UK Time every week online and we visit the wards an hour before the show starts.

You can listen to us on: or via the TuneIn Radio App by searching “Radio Northwick Park.”

You may have realised that this is the third blog I have posted today. It is rare for me to post more than one blog a day but there are two more blogs to be released during the remainder of the week. Nothing bad posting but it’s nice to be busy and keep my mind off things.

See you all soon!




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