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Hi Everyone! 🙂

Just wanted to go public on something that has been happening in terms of my future at Radio Northwick Park (RNP) and what I want to do further with my career in Radio. I will be leaving after the Sunday Night Request Show on the 29th March 2015. The reason why I am leaving is due to moving onto the next step of my career in radio. I feel that I have done everything I could possibly do at the RNP and it’s naturally at an ending point.

At times I have gone beyond what has been expected of me being a volunteer. I have achieved a lot whilst doing the request show almost every Sunday since November 2012. I am proud that I fundraised at many events, met new people, made new friends, been to three Christmas Request Shows, had my own show for a year, interviewed many guests, collected many requests from patients and staff, helped out with the request show, being temporary Studio Manager and Assistant Studio Manager when needed, created some amazing features, going to social events and received a Jack Petchey Award.

Doing opportunities like Roundhouse Radio and the Rising 2015 Festival was such a great experience that I want to do more every day. It helped build up my confidence, passion and love for radio even more. I know that I have to be flexible when I work and I won’t be able to commit to RNP on a regular basis.

I love doing presenting and producing and wouldn’t mind either (love producing more). If it ever happens I could do both things together and it is possible maybe later on in my career. I will be doing Photography, blogging and YouTube in my free time still and that will never go away. It would be brilliant one day to be paid to blog and do photography with still doing radio as my main career.

I have been thinking for a while of leaving RNP but the time is right to go. Regards to Track of The Week Podcast and posting the tracks will continue for the remainder of the year and will decide whether to discontinue in December 2015/January 2016. Same goes for the SavanPlays Podcast.

If anyone knows anyone who could help me get some experience (paid or not paid I don’t mind) then please message me through LinkedIn and Twitter (Direct Message). The big dream is BBC Radio 1 but I am looking at other routes to getting there. Feel free to check out my Demo on Soundcloud, my stuff on Mixcloud and my works on here too. I am actively looking and I have been given good advice from people actually in the industry. They say I am ticking all the right boxes and my break is around the corner. How close it is I don’t know but I need help and also I am using my own initiative too. I am also looking for some paid part time work whilst getting my foot in the door.

Yeah I am scared because of my health but I need some regularity in my life. I know what I want finally  in life and it’s taken me many years to find it. I pray that I can prove to people that I am capable despite all these issues of mine.

My second last show is on the 22nd March 2015 from 7 till 8 pm GMT (UK Time) and the final show of course is on the 29th March 2015 from 7 till 8 pm BST (Clocks go ahead an hour on that Sunday) (UK Time). You can listen here: Also via the TuneIn Radio App. Would like to finally thank to my friends and colleagues at RNP for the amazing experience and time there.

See you all soon!




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