Favourite YouTubers Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I’ve done blogs about the Yogscast and why I love them in the past which you can find here and here.

But I thought I would share a list of other YouTubers I like and enjoy watching their videos. Of course there are so much more who I like, however these guys and girls have always put a smile on my face no matter what.

There’s no particular order and I’ve shared a particular favourite video of mine.

1) Charlieissocoollike

2) Jack & Dean

3) TomSka

4) ChewingSand

5) Markiplier

6) CaptainSparklez

7) Slamacow

8) Blue Monkey

9) Element Animation

10) OnlyLeigh

11) HISHE (How It Should Have Ended)

12) ERB

13) Doddledoddle

14) KickThePJ

15) Olizandri

16) Charlotte Campbell

17) CorridorDigital

18) TimH

19) RoomieOfficial

20) Jaltoid

Feel free to check out their other videos and hope you all enjoyed watching the videos I shared.




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