London360 Blog: Japan Centre Visit

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is the blog I wrote for London360:

On the 20th October 2015 I visited the Japan Centre which was located near to Piccadilly Circus in Central London. I’ve been recommended several times to visit the place by my brother and friends who love the Japanese and their culture.

I had a rough idea of where the Centre was located but I didn’t realise how many times I passed it over the years. It was nicely hidden on Shaftesbury Avenue and I do visit Central London often.

The Centre consisted of a bakery, bookstore, butcher, deli, fishmonger, home ware department and supermarket with Japanese food and drinks. There was also a place to eat which I will experience the next time I visit.

There were plenty of vegetarian options for me to choose from and I was spoilt for choice. Thankfully there were labels in English on the food which helped and the staff were also really helpful.

In the end I chose a small box of Strawberry Chocolate flavoured biscuit sticks and a bag filled with Green Tea chocolate bars. The Green Tea chocolate was something I was recommended to eat and was looking forward to eat once back home. I can say that it was really nice to eat (so were the biscuit sticks) and would definitely buy again. 20151020_132114

A wide variety of Japanese items.

 I do have an appreciation for Japan and its culture because I have grown up watching their Anime (cartoons), tried out their food several times, read their Manga (comics) and watched some of their popular YouTubers. I have also grown up playing games such as Pokémon and Super Mario Brothers from the video game company known as Nintendo who are from Kyoto. Personally I love watching their Anime with subtitles on rather than dubbed versions because I can learn the language much easier.

 Finally, I hope to one day I would love to visit the country itself. There are several places I would like to visit and these include Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and Mount Fuji.


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