London360 Blog: My Day at CNN in London

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Here is my blog I did for London360 about my visit to the CNN Newsroom in London:

I visited the CNN Newsroom at Turner House in London on the 20th November 2015. This was a part of the open newsroom day which was run by CNN and the Creative Diversity Network (CDN). I was in a group of 19 people who came from a variety of backgrounds. There were supposed to be 20 of us but unfortunately some couldn’t make it on the day. IMAG0084

Inside the CNN Newsroom Studio.

This was the second year that CNN and the CDN were running this scheme and giving those wanting to become Journalists a chance to see a running newsroom. Out of the people in the group I was joined by two Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists and one of the in-house reporters at London360.

We started the day by having an icebreaker session and was introduced to the staff at CNN who were running the day. Then we had an opportunity to pitch our story ideas which could feature in the special broadcast and this was going out “as live.” This was then voted down to four topics which were Syria Refugees in the US, Islamophobia, HIV and Black Friday. We were also given each a bag which had a variety of items (including Jelly Beans) and a t-shirt from the CDN.

We were then split into four groups and had a choice to have a set role but we had to help each other out with the research, planning and getting Vox Pops on Carnaby Street. These roles were Producer, Assistant Producer, Anchor, Reporter and Editor. The Editors had to work with two of the groups, edit the Vox Pops into a video and put it into the media library.

I was in the group responsible of gathering content, decide the running order and creating the feature on Black Friday which is on the 27th November 2015. We mainly focused on the predicted amount of spending online for this year, the chaos that happened last year, the number of injuries and deaths across the globe and why certain retailers weren’t taking part and going online instead.

My role was to be the Producer and I helped out my group with the research, the script and the Vox Pops before broadcast. Whilst on air I was responsible for ensuring that I timed the feature, work with the Director and talking to the Anchor and Reporter through a headset in the control room. It was very intense but fun at the same time being the Producer and worked well with my group.

During the day we also had an opportunity to have a whirlwind tour of the newsroom and the staff came down during lunch to talk to us about what they do and to get to know us. I found it very interesting of what it was like to be a reporter and anchor for CNN. I also got an opportunity to find out what the staff who were running the day and how they had reached their respective careers.

Finally, after the special broadcast we had a brief talk and filled out feedback forms before finishing off the day. I really enjoyed the day, found it inspiring and looking forward to seeing the finished video of the special broadcast.

IMG_20151120_141120The team I worked with during the CNN Open Newsroom Day.

Since writing this the Special Broadcast can be seen on


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