London360 Blog: The Mind Media Awards 2015

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This is the blog I did for London360 about the Mind Media Awards on the 16th November 2015:

I went to the Mind Media Awards at The Troxy in London on the 16th November 2015 which were hosted by the Charity. I went to the ceremony because the documentary which I was interviewed in was nominated for the Anna Sargent Student Journalist Award. The documentary was called ‘Young People, Mental Health and the Media.’

The documentary was about how and why young people with experience of mental health problems are fighting stigma through blogging, public events and allowing their lives to be depicted in documentaries including BBC3’s ‘Don’t Call Me Crazy’ about a secure unit for young people. It was produced by a group of 15-19 year olds on a week long film course at Camden Summer University.

When I had arrived at The Troxy, I was greeted by the Mind Team and received my name badge. I then entered the reception area where I met up with the team of student journalists who produced the documentary. We had time to take a group picture before the ceremony started.

The ceremony was hosted by comedian Jo Brand and she told us about experience of dealing with people who had mental health issues when she was a psychiatric nurse for ten years. She also explained how her own father suffered with depression for many years before being diagnosed and getting help he so desperately needed.

While it only lasted for approximately two hours, there were only ten winners announced but I felt everyone in the room who was nominated were also winners too including the team I was with. There were two special awards handed out which were the Speaking Out and Making a Difference Award.

The two people who received the Making a Difference Award were Jonny Benjamin & Neil Laybourn. Jonny was the person who started the ‘Finding Mike’ Campaign which I remember being all over the news and Neil being ‘Mike’ who was the person that saved Jonny from ending his own life. The whole room gave them both a standing ovation when they received the award.

Throughout the ceremony there were some inspiring talks including from Mind Ambassador & Singer Frankie Bridge and Mind Chief Executive Paul Farmer. I was very moved by everyone’s stories who went up onto the stage.

Before I left I received a goodie bag which contained a book called ‘A Song for Issy Bradley,’ information on mental health and a chocolate bar which was very thoughtful of Mind to give.

Finally, I would like to thank documentary filmmaker Suzanne Cohen for helping these young students understand the world of people like myself who suffer but are managing to live and survive.
Mind Media Awards 2015

 At the Mind Media Awards 2015. 


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