London360 Blog: Straight Out of SW11: So Solid Crew

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is a blog I wrote for London360 on the visit of MC Harvey and Megaman from So Solid Crew on the 21st September 2015:

MC Harvey and Megaman are from UK Garage, Grime and Hip Hop Group called So Solid Crew. They are well known for their UK Number 1 Hit called “21 Seconds” and originate from Battersea in South London.

Both of them visited the Media Trust in West London on the 21st September 2015. They were interviewed by 17 London360 Multimedia Genius Training Course Journalists.

The interview was very interesting and inspiring to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what they had to say about their lives, success and fame inside the Music Industry. I was also interested in the advice they gave to us and some insider knowledge about how things worked.

There are ten pieces of advice which I picked up on and feel that people should know about. These are:

  1. Always love your trade because they have seen artists that aren’t in it for the long term.
  1. Be always aware of 360 Deals but they are not always bad. 360 Deals are basically the record label’s way of not taking risks and are essentially bank loans. You essentially need to make money to pay back the record label you sign on to.
  1. MC Harvey finds that there are friends who have a certain quality will always stick with you no matter what happens. He also said that even though everyone in So Solid Crew had individual dreams, as a crew they had shared dreams too.
  1. Rivalries are always part of the culture. For example, So Solid Crew had a rivalry with UK Garage Group called Heartless Crew because neither group could not stand each other. Now both groups are good friends.
  1. It is always easy to hide behind the internet as there is a safety net. If you want to say something make sure it is down to your lyrics that does the talking.
  1. Know who you are and be who you want to be. Also don’t damage yourself.
  1. Megaman said that it is up to you to show the next generation how to be responsible and to behave.
  1. It takes a strong person to be balanced and not get distracted along the way.
  1. Working with the right sort of people who are in the industry will do wonders like magicians do magic. A good example is Glyn Aikins who is the A&R (Artists & Repertoire) Director at VirginEMI Records UK and MC Harvey claims to be a magician.
  1. Always stay level-headed no matter what and do not get overconfident.

Finally, MC Harvey and Megaman were also asked whether they should do a So Solid Crew biopic like the film called “Straight Out of Compton.” They felt the film really related to them so much that if the public want it then they would do it.


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