London360 Blog: Why Google Is Not Evil

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is a blog I wrote for London360 on my visit to Google UK HQ in London on the 18th September 2015:

I visited Google UK’s Headquarters in London on the 18th September 2015. This visit was a part of the London360 Multimedia Genius Training Course I am on.

Ever since I knew that the group of 30 trainee journalists (including myself) found out that we were going to visit one of the largest technology companies in the world I could no longer contain my excitement. I prepared myself and researched more about the company as much as I could.

Even though I knew what Google did and the services they provided it is always good to be prepared to ask questions rather than not knowing. For example, I am an owner of an Android System run smartphone, I have two YouTube channels and my preferred choice of Internet Browser is Chrome.

When the day arrived to visit the company, I ensured that I would be at the meeting point outside Tottenham Road Court Station well before everyone else arrived. Once at the building I discovered Google owned four floors of the nine.

There was free food and I was made aware of a ball park and slide. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see the ball park and slide but hopefully one day I will get a chance to see it with my own eyes. The free food was amazing and mostly healthy too which I feel that the company do care for their visitors and of course their employees.

There was a gym, library, outdoor balconies and terraces where you could grow your own food. We were also shown where they had conferences and office spaces. I also saw a Dalek from my favourite Science-Fiction show called Doctor Who. There was nothing evil about that prop being there as I was told that they had people from the programme who recently visited the company.

We also had an opportunity to see the YouTube Space where many big UK based YouTubers came down and filmed their content. It was amazing to see the wall of faces of those I have subscribed to like the likes of Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell, Emma Blackery, Dan Howard and Phil Lester.

Once the tour was over, we had a chance to learn about the nine principles of the company and what they were working on. It was a fascinating insight on how focused Google were in making a better world for everyone through technology. An example of this was Google Iris which detects the level of Glucose in your teardrops. This contact lens is used for people with Diabetes and could be useful for people who come from a South Asian background like myself.

From what I learned from Phil Jones, the Global Agency Business Leader, Google are totally open about privacy issues and talked about that us the user have every right to delete our personal information that has been collected from the company. The company is also comfortable talking about gender equality and are willing to make the effort in closing the gap.

In regards to the competition Phil said that Google are happy competing with other companies such as Amazon and Netflix as a positive thing rather than a negative one. He said it helps create a better environment. He also mentioned about companies needing to embrace change too rather than fighting it otherwise they will decline.

Phil gave a good example of the online taxi service Uber who have created a new market which has changed how we order for taxis. He also mentioned that without Google many new businesses would have never existed.

Nicole who is the Intern from Arizona, said that no matter what degree you have taken Google will always look at you as a person. The atmosphere at the company was friendly, relaxing and very open. Even the dress-code was more or less casual and there was a lot positivity and creativity surrounding the whole building.

Finally, I would like to say that even though we got some freebies (such as a notebook, pen and mug), the company made me feel at home and makes me want to say that Google is not evil, Google is innovative and cares.



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