London360 Blog: An Inspirational & Interactive Masterclass with Westside’s Krash Williams

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is the blog I did for London360 on the Masterclass I had with Westside FM’s Krash Williams at the end of September 2015:

On the 30th September 2015, Westside Radio London Presenter Krash Williams visited the Media Trust in West London. He gave a Masterclass in Radio to London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists.

Krash was very different to the other people who gave Masterclasses so far on the course. Most of the people had either a Q&A type or a run through of what they did to become successful in their chosen careers and then answered questions afterwards. It came of a bit of a surprise when he asked us to act out the key moments of his life so far.

This was done with a portable whiteboard, some marker pens and a few volunteers. He also had his tablet to capture these moments whilst asking the volunteers to act. It was fascinating to learn that he enjoys thinking outside the box, worked with prisoners in Manchester, worked at a well known Supermarket chain, went to University, broke into radio and became a father at the age of 24.

He then asked two of us come up to the front of the room and act out our five key moments of our lives so far. One of the volunteers was myself and I had talked about getting a high achievers award for Geography in High School, being nominated for Best Radio Show at University, graduating from University, receiving a Jack Petchey Foundation Award for volunteering and being a Journalist.

After that Krash told us more about radio and his role at Westside. He has his own show every Thursday night for two hours, does the voiceover for the adverts at the station and loves having a platform to build upon. He has also worked with Channel 4 and ITV because Westside is only a community radio station.

We were then split into three groups and given a task each to create either an advert, debate feature or game feature. The group I was in was tasked to do a game feature that must be 2-3 minutes in length.

In the group we had come up with a game where two listeners had a chance to guess the name of a movie that was either recently released or is going to be released later in the year. They had two songs where their titles are the clues to the movie’s name. Each song is played for 5 seconds and there was a third song lined up just in case both listeners were still stuck. For example, one of the movies was “Hotel Transylvania 2” and the songs were “Monster Mash,” “Hotel California” and “The Addams Family.” The name we came up for the feature was called “Saving Private Soundtrack.”

After our assigned time was up, each group discussed their features and acted it out like it would be on Radio. Each group were then given constructive criticism and feedback from Krash, Jasmine Dotiwala who is the course coordinator and the other Trainee Journalists.

Before the end of the Masterclass, Krash gave us some insightful and interesting pieces of advice on how to succeed in Radio. These were:

  1. Keep at a good talking pace when presenting a show and it’s okay to have short pauses but not for too long.
  1. Set the goals you would like to be in the industry.
  1. For those who want to be presenters, find your voice and listen to those who you inspire to be.
  1. Build with others and you never know who you will meet.
  1. Love what you do and it has to be something that is not killing your soul.

Finally, I asked him about his Twitter Bio and it mentioned that he is the Black Peter Parker. Peter Parker is the real name of the superhero known as Spider-Man. Krash said that he uses the name because when he was working at this well known Supermarket chain he felt that this job wasn’t his life and he was known for different things. He finally mentioned that if he was actually Spider-Man for the day he would do some crazy demonstrations in Central London and hang out with Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man’s love interest).


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