London360 Blog: Is There Life on Mars? (Debate Topic)

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is the Debate Blog I did for London360 about whether there is life on Mars and was written on the 30th September 2015:

According to the BBC, the Planet of Mars has been getting a lot attention when NASA confirmed that there was Liquid Water running on the surface. This makes us wonder whether this would properly support life on the planet and if there is actual life on the red rock so close to Earth?

I feel that there is life on Mars because according to NASA, the planet’s atmosphere is mostly made of Carbon Dioxide. There is also Oxygen, Methane and Nitrogen in the atmosphere. Life could survive underground because this is where the Water has been shown by satellites to be flowing from and appearing on the surface.

It has been suggested by Space that well before us Humans walked on Earth, Mars had a similar atmosphere and a habitable climate for life. There was Polar Ice Caps, Continents and even Oceans on the Red Planet. The planet is also in what scientists call the “Goldilocks Zone” which is where life can survive and evolve comfortably. Even now scientists are looking beyond our Solar System to similar Earth-Like planets and discovering whether they could support life.

There could have been an intelligent species like Humans and they could have built civilisations much better than we could have in our short time in the Universe. They could have built spaceships and travelled to our planet and taught us how to harvest the land and build our own civilisations. Who knows, we could have thought them to be Gods and worshipped them?

It also makes me wonder what happened to them once their atmosphere disappeared due to possibly Global Warming or some calamity destroying everything. They could have gone underground and developed an advanced civilisation. Or they could have devolved into a primitive species like we were millions of years ago.

On Earth itself there are bacteria and other microorganisms that can survive the extremes our planet throws at them. There could be similar species of these bacteria and microorganisms on Mars and most likely thriving. They could be producing Ozone, Oxygen and other elements essential to survival.

Finally, what if we are actually Martians who were stuck on Earth many years ago? There are so many theories and arguments out there I feel that one day there will be proof that life does exist. I also hope that we don’t have conflicts with them and have a War of the Worlds.


This was really interesting to write about and when I debated this during one session it was very heated.

It’s one of those things where you can debate for hours and feel free to comment below and have a discussion. Also feel free to share this online too.


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