London360 Blog: “Brotherhood might happen and I’ve done the script for it,”: Noel Clarke

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Here is the blog I did for London360 about the Press Conference with Actor, Director and Screenwriter Noel Clarke in October 2015:

Actor, Director and Screenwriter Noel Clarke visited the Media Trust in West London on the 14th October 2015. He gave did a press conference with the London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists and listened to their Film Pitches.

I started the conference by asking where in time and space he would go and who he would meet and why. Noel said that he would like to go to the future because he would like to see where we would be. Noel also said that there were too many people he would like to meet. However, he would have liked to go back to when religion was formed and would have talked to people to sort things peacefully rather than all this fighting we have now.

After that deep start we asked him more about his background and his love for film. Noel mentioned that he enjoys watching the credits at the end of a film because he wants to appreciate those who made it. He also said that the directors are only there to steer the ship and he even teaches his children to stay to the end.

He feels that he hasn’t conquered everything and said that his success is relative and perceptive. He is trying to do more and not satisfied because he is always striving to do more till the day he dies.

Noel’s drive and determination comes from being raised by his mother on her own. He mentioned that he really respects her and women too. He also said that once you you’re your own children, only then you would respect your parents more.

His love for film comes from when he was growing up. He was left alone whilst his mother was working and played with his toys and watched television. He said that if he had contact with his father during that stage of his life, he felt he wouldn’t have that drive and love for film.

We then asked about his future films and comic book venture called “The Troop” which is the “X-Rated X-Men for The New Millennium.” With the comic book Noel said that he had the idea for it since 1996 and is looking forward to the release with Titan Comics. He also felt that it could become a TV Show in the near future rather than a film.

Noel then talked about his Kidulthood and Adulthood films and said that he has already written the script for the third instalment. The title of this new film will be called “Brotherhood” and it might happen.

He then talked about the differences between the American and British Film industries. He feels that the British industry is moving more slowly compared the American one. He also felt that what we produce doesn’t always travel that well with the audience and is less glitz and glamour. For example, people wouldn’t have seen a British version of the “American Hustle.”

Noel also mentioned about the certain limitations about the film industry. He feels that film makers still have to answer to the executives who would help finance their film. However, there are loads of initiatives that could help such as regional and national funding.

Whilst still talking about the industry, Noel said that most actors in drama schools don’t even realise the reality of finding work when leaving. The advice he gave to those wanting to break into the industry was simply to never settle for being mediocre. He also said why do it if you don’t strive to be the best?

Noel said that if you get rejected don’t cry about it. He was rejected for roles and he just brushed it off. He also said that he wasn’t a half full/empty person and where the water level is, this is where you deal with the problems.

At the end of the press conference we had a chance to pitch our film ideas and given only thirty seconds each to do so. This is what we call an elevator pitch because it only takes 30 seconds to reach ten storeys.

Finally, how many people can say that they got a chance to pitch in front of him and for free too?


Since writing this, the filming has started already for Brotherhood at the end of November 2015.

With regards to what I pitched to Noel, I do hope to write it up one day.


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