London360 List Blog: 15 Interesting Facts About Richard Pascoe The Photographer

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is the list I did for London360 in September 2015 about Photographer Richard Pascoe:

“He freezes time with a click.”

Richard Pascoe is a Photographer from London who specialises in a huge variety of Photography including Beauty, Fashion and Travel. He visited the Media Trust in West London to give a Masterclass in Photography with 30 London360 Multimedia Genius Training Journalists.

Here are 15 things you may not know about him:

  1. Richard started off in the Media Industry at the age of 14 working in a Pirate Radio Station.
  2. He worked at MTV for 3 years in the Post Room whilst also DJing and creating his own brand.
  1. Richard is an absolute Foodie and enjoys eating Thai so much he visits Thailand every year.
  1. He used to work in a restaurant and enjoyed it so much.
  1. The press often mistook him as security when with celebrities.
  1. He has worked with the likes of Peter Andre, Beyoncé and Katie Price.
  1. Money never motivated him and always has fun.
  1. During the early days of Rampage with his friend Mike Anthony, they used to play their sets in houses and warehouses. This was until they headlined at The Fridge in Brixton and Equinox in Leicester Square, London.
  1. Whilst with Rampage, Mike and Richard were asked to headline a gig and replace MC Hammer of “U Can’t Touch This” fame.
  1. His love for Photography started whilst he worked in a shop department which sold cameras and decided to take photos of those cameras.
  1. He brought in Snoop Dogg for his World Premier Concert in London.
  1. Whilst working with Sony Music he brought in Wayne Hector who is know a well known song writer. Wayne has worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Westlife, One Direction and Olly Murs
  1. He feels that the Internet has changed a lot of things especially to Photographers and those in the Music Industry.
  1. One time in Switzerland he did a House Party and charged £1000 for each person who entered. The people who went to the party were rich students from a US College based in the country. He earned £37,000 for that one gig.
  1. His love for Photography has allowed him to travel across the Globe. He especially loved visiting Namibia and did a parody Star Wars trailer.

(Parts of Star Wars Episode 7 were actually filmed in Namibia).

Some quotes from Richard during the Photography Masterclass:

 “A picture has a thousand words.”

“Every image tells a story.”

“Instagrammers aren’t Photographers.”

“Take advantage of what you have.”


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