London360 List Blog: From the Yellow Pages to PR Success

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is the list I did for London360 in September 2015 about Chandni Modha and Ruth Butha:

Chandni Modha and Ruth Butah from CR Publicity visited the Media Trust in West London. They told London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists how they started their careers in the fashion industry to running their own PR Agency.

Below are their top ten pieces of advice on how to be successful in the fashion industry especially on Public Relations (PR):

  1. If you go to University and feel that your degree is not worth it, it is always good to have it on your CV.
  1. Having a mentor in the industry is very helpful and you can learn from them. For example, one of Chandni’s taught her everything about Celebrity PR.
  1. When dealing with the media you have to be careful what you say as it can be twisted. Using the words “No Comment” can be very handy when things go awry.
  1. Befriend a lot of journalists and building relationships with them is very important. It is also about getting the right balance with them too.
  1. Be thick-skinned and have a game face when meeting people. Everyone has issues but don’t take it personally.
  1. Build up your contacts in the industry. It will help so much in the future if you ever run your own PR Agency.
  1. Get used to celebrities and models you work with to tell you of their own personal issues. You will become a therapist and do sessions with them.
  1. Always be available, discreet and humble.
  1. Always be visible and be your own PR.
  1. You will get rejections, it is all about moving on and having that drive to succeed.

A quote that both Chandni and Ruth mentioned from an American Economist called Boyce Watkins that resonated with me was:

“Own something for yourselves.”


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