London360 List Blog: The Life of a Fashion Stylist: Richard Shoyemi’s Advice on Succeeding in Fashion

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I did this list for London360 in September 2015 about Richard Shoyemi:

Richard Shoyemi is a Fashion Stylist from Shoreditch in East London. He visited the Media Trust in West London to give a Masterclass to London360 Multimedia Trainee Journalists on how to succeed in the Fashion Industry.

He gives ten pieces of advice on how to succeed in Fashion:

  1. You are a brand yourself. Always look at yourself and how you look is important.
  1. Check out a wide variety of Fashion Magazines and Fashion sections in Newspapers. Richard’s favourite magazine is the Italian Vogue because it is not boring and it is diverse.
  1. Always remember when working with celebrities that they have their own styles. You need to understand what they want and try to get the best of both worlds.
  1. Love what you do even though at times this can be very hard. However, you must persevere.
  1. Always deliver what is best for your client’s brand and remember that you have a lot of people to answer to.
  1. Dedication is the key to success and always be on the ball because styling in Fashion is like drawing a cartoon.
  1. If you can’t get certain accessories when doing a Fashion Shoot (be it for TV, Radio, Magazine, etc.) you have to be creative and create your own.
  1. Get as much inspiration as possible because you never know that it might be used in a future Fashion Shoot. For example, one of Richard’s Shoots was in a Graveyard on Halloween. His inspiration for this was when he was driving through a Forest.
  1. Richard mentions about hating on trends and tells us that to succeed you have to become the trend.
  1. Remember that the camera always picks up everything. Even though re-touching photographs are costly you must perfect it no matter what before releasing them to magazines, newspapers and websites.


“There is nothing wrong to express yourself.”


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