Bauer Academy Step Inside Presenting and Producing Course Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I went to the Bauer Academy Step Inside Journalism Course and this was from the 4th to the 6th December 2015. It was at Bauer Radio HQ in One Golden Square, Soho, London.

Over the three days we were split into two groups and created a Radio Station and Show each. The group I was in created a Station called W1 FM and our focus was the 18-35 age group. We were also focused on the people of London.

Here is the Feature I helped get Vox Pops about Christmas Parties:

Here is the show on Mixcloud:

Would like to also thank the tutors for the course at Bauer Academy for this amazing opportunity 🙂

Also I would like to thank the group I was with during these three days.

It was a great experience, I learnt some new things and made some new friends too.

Here is my previous work I did for Bauer:

Feel free to like and comment below.

See you all soon!




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